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Nigeria: Abuja-Kaduna Rail Attackers Release Video of Hostages

The Abuja-Kaduna rail attackers in Nigeria have released a video showing their hostages and one of the abducted passengers who was reported to be freed.

In the footage released, Alwan Ali-Hassan, the bank manager for the Bank of Agriculture in Nigeria is surrounded by four masked gunmen in military uniforms.

The hostage begs the authorities to meet the demands of the kidnappers in order to secure the release of other hostages who “are in a desperate situation,” he says.

While the video is yet to be authenticated, sources say that the bank manager has been released since Wednesday.

A Sad Reality

So far, no armed group or terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack or the video that has been released. As if that’s not enough, bandits have terrorized local communities, raiding villages, raping women, and killing their children.

Although criminal gangs do not ordinarily make ideological claims, there is a high rate of concern as jihadists have infiltrated these gangs. The video is clear proof of this, as it shows visible elements of a jihadist group with notable agenda.

Recall that Northern Nigeria has long been undergoing terrorist attacks by the popular terrorist group known as “Boko Haram”.

A week after the Abuja-Kaduna rail attackers hit the train with explosives in Kaduna state Nigeria, the whereabouts of 168 passengers are still unknown, while 8 passengers have been reported dead according to the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC).

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